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Waste Disposal & Training Services


Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal

Whether your waste streams include hazardous, non-hazardous or universal waste, Excel has a waste disposal service that is right for your company. Excel TSD has the expertise, equipment and supplies necessary to safely meet your waste management transportation needs and all associated regulatory requirements. From a single pale to a watertight roll-off container, Excel can meet all logistical aspects of your waste generation, storage and transportation needs.
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Industrial Services

Regular maintenance and cleaning of manufacturing and production equipment, process changes required to meet customer needs and technology change-outs are all a part of the modern manufacturing landscape. When it is not cost effective for a company to maintain staffing for the performance of these tasks, Excel offers employees who receive task specific training and are equipped to safely and quickly perform them. With expertise in industries including petrochemical, food processing and heavy manufacturing, Excel can handle your dirty jobs safely and on-time.
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Lab Pack Services

Excel’s Lab Packing services meet your environmental concerns in an efficient and experienced manner. Our chemists are fully trained and maintain appropriate certification and continuing education requirements to complete your project in a safe and cost effective manner, disposing of spoiled, off-specification, out-of-date and unknown chemicals. Let Excel handle your lab pack projects from A to Z by completing an inventory of the material(s) involved, appropriately packing, labeling and manifesting them and arranging all necessary transportation, treatment, storage and disposal.
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Environmental Compliance Consulting

Compliance with ever-changing environmental regulations and their requirements is a complex and time consuming responsibility. While compliance can certainly be costly, non-compliance can be devastating. Put Excel’s expertise to work in assessing your air quality, water, pollution control and waste management compliance programs.
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Personnel Training

Maintaining a safe and compliant workplace is not just good business, it is the law. Establishing a safety and compliance minded culture is a process that begins with offering quality, real world education opportunities for your staff. Whether that means employees who need to meet OSHA HAZWOPER training requirements for 29 CFR 1910.120(e) and 29 CFR 1926.65(e), DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Training requirements for 49 CFR 172 or training in areas such as Confined Space Entry, Excel’s knowledgeable and experienced instructors provide practical application of regulations to your employees’ specific job responsibilities. Contact us today to discuss how Excel’s training services can work for you.
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Industries We Serve

One of the most significant and on-going challenges faced by all industries is disposal of the waste, by-product and residual materials that are generated in the course of ordinary production processes. Establishing and maintaining regulatory compliant, environmentally safe and cost effective solutions is simply a good business practice for all stakeholders. Whether you are in need of our lab pack, liquid and / or dry vacuum, spill response, transportation, equipment cleaning, or treatment, storage and disposal services, Excel is uniquely positioned to provide a full range of environmental services customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

Put the expertise of Excel’s experienced personnel to work for you and your business in better managing all aspects of your company’s specific environmental compliance concerns.


Chemical & Petroleum Refining

From single drum to tanker load volumes, whether wet or dry materials and either hazardous or non-hazardous classifications, Excel understands the complexities faced by chemical and petroleum refining companies.


Manufacturing & Industrial

From process wastes, by-products, lab waste and off-specification materials to spill response, Excel is uniquely positioned to provide a full range of environmental services customized to meet the specific needs of your business.


Health Care & Pharmaceutical

From the safe handling of process wastes, by-products, universal waste and off-specification materials to emergency spill response and lab packing, Excel’s experienced personnel will work with you and your staff to better manage all aspects of your specific environmental compliance concerns.



No matter if your needs are as basic as the handling of spent light bulbs and batteries or as complex as the handling and consolidation of wastes generated in multiple facilities and /or
emergency spill response, Excel is uniquely familiar with the complexities of your environmental compliance considerations and is positioned to work with you in developing a program of services that is designed to address all of your safety and compliance concerns.



From spent light bulbs and oils, to out-of-date merchandise and spill response, Excel is uniquely positioned to provide a full range of environmental services customized to meet your specific



Whether you require the regular handling of spent motor oils and coolants, waste tires and batteries on an on-going basis or individual emergency spill response, Excel understands the varied needs of the transportation industry and is uniquely positioned to provide a full range of environmental services customized to meet the specific requirements of your business.



From tank cleaning, wet / dry vacuum, spill response, transportation, demolition, remediation and TSDF services to the mandatory safety and regulatory training required for your personnel, Excel provides a full range of environmental services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.



You need a qualified and capable emergency spill response partner, assistance in coordinating an HHW event, equipment cleaning, solids separation, site remediation / demolition or safety and regulatory required training for your personnel. Excel offers a full range of environmental services that can be customized to meet your specific objectives.