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Personnel Training

All employees need appropriate training in order to adequately perform their specific job tasks.

Managers are responsible for the health and safety of employees engaged in activities under their direction or supervision and for compliance with the training requirements of Federal and State regulations. They must ensure that their employees comply with all relevant regulations and accepted standards and that work activities are performed in a safe and compliant manner.

Excel’s training services are a valuable tool in developing and maintaining an awareness of safety, health responsibilities and accident prevention.

Education and training are most effective when immediately incorporated into standard operating procedures, workplace practices, and job performance requirements. That is why Excel’s training services are completely customizable and can be delivered at either your facility or ours. Excel provides training on a wide-range of safety, health and environmental topics, including safety, hazardous waste (HAZWOPER & HAZZCOM), personal protective equipment (PPE), OSHA, DOT and other occupational and general safety topics.

Many of these courses are required, either initially or annually, by federal and State safety and environmental regulation. Compliance is not optional. Excel routinely schedules and conducts classroom training for many of its clients, including specific training that is developed in conjunction with company management as well as those courses that are required by regulation.

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